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We create beautiful solutions that work uniquely for you and your business.

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Supporting Your Business

From conceiving an idea to implementing it, we provide coaching and consulting services that get you and your business up and running.  All solutions are customized to fit you and your business.  We save you time and money by helping you as an individual work through any challenges that prevent you from moving forward in your business.  We support you with Business Development, Webpage Developement, Business Plans, Social Media Marketing Plans, and Financial Planning.

Combined Experience

We have over 30 years experience in Information Technology; 20 years in For Profit Business Development; 25 years of Church Business and Organizational Management; and 14 years in Non-Profit Business Development.  Our Chief Coach, Belina Wimbish-Haile, has a BS in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Systems Engineering; A M. Div in Religious Studies and Certification in Coaching.  

Service and Reliability

We provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.  We devote the time getting to know you and your business so that we deliver what's best.  



Do you have an idea and need direction or steps to take to move forward in accomplishing it?  Do you need accountability to ensure you will get it done?  We will help coach you through your self-defined goals and help you develop goals necessary to achieve your goals


Don't have time to complete the work yourself or all by yourself?  Missing the skillset to complete your goals with excellence?  We have experienced coaches with from a variety of fields and available to help you with your deliverables.


From Webdesign to logo design to developing Marketing Strategies and Plans we will help tailor what you need fit you and your budget.


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